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David Mason: Meeting of 2nd February 2016: A strange thing for him/her to sing

1. Peter Dawson and Sidney Coltham    Onto the field of glory (Belisario - Donizetti)
Gramophone Co. Bb1355-2    18 May 1922    HMV B1380

2. Duet from The Spanish Lady (Elgar)
From a broadcast on 21 August 1995 of a BBC studio performance of the recently reconstructed fragments

3. Kirkby Lunn    Plaisir d’amour (Martini)
Gramophone Co. HO4391af    19 May 1920    HMV 2-033082

4. Marjorie Lawrence    In questa tomba oscura (Beethoven)
Aeolian Vocalion PR.17    1928?    Private Australian Aeolian Vocalion

5. Georges Thill    Normandie (words René Dorin, music Henri Casadeus), with Jane Montanges (soprano),
Salabert AB10659 B    1936     Salabert un-numbered

6. Yvonne Printemps    Le temps des lilas (Chausson)
Radiodiffusion Française acetate     Between 1945 and 1949

7. Georges Jouatte        Chanson de la puce (Song of the flea) (Musorgsky)
Odéon Ki3935-1    1 Dec. 1930    French Odéon 188.793

8. Armand Crabbé    Roses de Picardie (Roses of Picardy) (Haydn Wood, arr. Chapelier)
French HMV 0W561-1     29 Sep. 1931    Disque Gramophone K6440

9. Ninon Vallin    Peruvian Indian Melodies (collected and harmonised by Beclard d’Harcourt) a) Waul-Wasinta (De porte en porte), sung in Quechua b) Senecito, palma verde (Petite saule, branche verte), sung in Spanish
Pathé CPT1264-1    11 June 1934     Pathé PG37

10. César Vezzani    Quartet (Rigoletto), with Yvonne Brothier (sop.), Gabrielle Galland (mezzo), Louis Morturier (bar.),
French HMV 2PG322-2    24 Nov. 1932    Disque Gramophone DB4869

11. Dusolina Giannini    Heimliche Aufforderung (Strauß)
Electrola 0D1531-II        Berlin, 24 Mar 1933        HMV DA1319

12. Augusta Oltrabella    Il suonnatore di lira (Der Leiermann) (Schubert)
Italian HMV 0BA2502-1    10 May 1938    La Voce del Padrone DA5355

13. Julia Culp        Auf Wiedersehen (Blue Paradise – Romberg)
Victor C19520-2    27 March 1917    Victor 74523

14. Martje Offers    Where corals lie (Elgar)
Cc15199-2    15 April 1929    HMV DB1762

15. Gianpiero Malaspina    Macushla (vecchia canzone irlandese) (Dermot MacMurrough)
Cetra 55104    Date in wax 5.3.1952    Cetra AT0276

18. Tamaki Miura    O sole mio
Victor ???    1930?    Japanese Victor 13076

19. Much Binding in the Marsh    Parody of Rigoletto quartet – Richard Murdoch, Kenneth Horne, Gwen Catley, Gladys Ripley, probably Maurice Denham and ?
BBC acetate     1947-50