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ANDREW MARSDEN: Meeting 16-2-16: Macheath and his circle

1.       RANALOW “Oh, cruel cruel case” (Beggar’s Opera: Gay/Pepusch) HMV D 615 (Cc 1009-i) rec. 14th February 1922
2.       RANALOW excerpt “The Little Irish Girl” (Herman Lohr) Aeolian Vocalion blue label R 6023 (01179)  rec. 1922
3.       CORONATION RECORD 1937 excpt “I was glad” (Parry) RG 1 (2EA3531-T) rec.12th May 1937
4.       HARRY DEARTH excerpt “The Fly be on the Turmuts” (trad arr. WW Wheatley) DX50 (WAX 4836) rec. 9th April 1929
5.       PHYLLIS LETT “Caro mio ben” (Giordani) HMV E 345 (Bb 4277ii) rec. 28th February 1924
6.       RANALOW “Long ago in Alcala” (Mirette: Messager) Pathe 11” centre-start 77150 c. 1907
7.       NELLIE MELBA Sevillana (Don Cesar de Bazan: Massenet) Gram. Unpublished (4184f), except as Historic Masters HM 100
8.       *RANALOW “Vous qui faites l’endormie” (Faust: Gounod) Aeolian Vocalion red label (single sided with explanatory notes on reverse) L5008 (01204) c 1920
9.       GERVASE ELWES “Gifts” (Colin Taylor) acc Frederick Kiddle (pno) Columbia D 1423 (71051) issued April 1921
10.    JOHN COATES “Bran’s Answer to Matholoc” (Dylan: Holbrooke) Columbia LX 77 (WAX 5094-2)(pt)  rec 5th July 1929
11.    CLARA BUTT/MAURICE D’OISLY “We now have pass’d the gate” (Dream of Gerontius: Elgar) Columbia 7309 (6773) rec 1915/16
12.    WILLIAM SAMUELL Queen Mab (Romeo and Juliet: Gounod) HMV D 274 (HO 1220ac) rec 10th Nov 1915
13.    ROSINA BUCKMAN “What if I were young again?” (The Boatswain’s Mate: Dr Ethel Smyth) HMV 03527 (HO2195af)(pt) and
14.    ROSINA BUCKMAN/RANALOW/COURTICE POUNDS “The first thing is to get rid of the body” (The Boatswain’s Mate) 04184 (HO2192af)(pt) rec 2nd October 1916
15.    RANALOW/SYLVIA NELIS/VIOLET MARQUESITA “Would I might be hanged” (Beggar’s Opera) HMV D 525 (HO 4658afii)(pt) rec 10th December 1920
16.    RANALOW excerpts (Beggar’s Opera) from D524-6 rec 10th December 1920 from HLM 7009
17.    JOHN GOSS (excerpt) “Fire down below” w. Sir Hugh Allen cond Malcolm Sargent HMV B2423 (BR982i) rec live RAH 19th February 1927
18.    BEN DAVIES “I’ll sing thee songs of Araby” (Frederick Clay) Columbia DB 1430 (CA13697-1) rec 6th June 1933
19.    HUBERT EISDELL “Dusk in the Valley” (Lehmann) Columbia 4812 (WA4154) rec 29th September 1926
20.    NELLIE BRIERCLIFFE/WINIFRED LAWSON “Long years ago” (PATIENCE: SULLIVAN) HMV D 7851(Cc 19761iv) rec 24th September 1930
21.    RANALOW The Floral Dance (Katie Moss) Metropole 1126 (1538-2) (also issued as Piccadilly 5010) rec.1930
22.    RANALOW “Ingersoll” Private Acetate for London School of Broadcasting 8th May 1936.
23.    IRENE EISINGER “Just once for all time” (from film Congress Dances: Heymann) HMV B4050 (OD 644i) acc UEFA SO cond composer rec November 1931